Hello and welcome to what is most likely your first look at Clicker Kings! Here at The Night Project we’re super excited to show you what we’ve been working on, what we’ve achieved so far and what we’ve got planned for the future.

Clicker Kings! is an idle/clicker game. The objective is to gain gold to purchase chests which give you gear. Gear then gives you stats which you use to compare and maybe even battle other players in the future. The end goal is to become the wealthiest, buffest dude, or dudet, in all of Clicktopia (name subject to change!).

Click, click, clicking…

So what can you do so far? Well, click! Click to gain a piece of shiny gold. Click again for another. Then another, then another, then another (I think you see where this is going). So you’ve been clicking for a while and think: “hey, wouldn’t it be nice if I could click and get two pieces of that gorgeous glittery gold?”, well do I have news for you! Introducing a revolutionary mechanic to the idle/clicker genre…The Multiplier.

So time to spend some of that hard earned cash-ola on a multiplier which multiplies your gold intake by two, then buy another for a higher price to multiply by 2 again and so on.


So what’s left to come? Oh my sweet summer child, what you should be asking is what’s not left to come (Does this even make sense? Oh well, you get the point)! Not because our ambitions are too lofty (I mean they are but that’s not the point), it’s because we’re so excited about how far Clicker Kings can go that we see no limit to the amount we can add.

– Gear? In the works along with storage and upgrade.

– Character screen? Pretty much there already.

– Inventory system? Did you not see the bit about gear?!

– Skins? We’re looking at all sorts from vikings to prohabition era gangsters.

– Log in from google play store, apple store, facebook, email etc? Obviously!

Talk to me Goose

So why are you writing this? Because we’re super excited about Clicker Kings and would love to show you what we’ve got and to get your feedback. We dont just want to pump out a game and cash the cheque, we want to create a be part of a larger community.

We’re in the process of making places that you and other members of the community can gather (only virtually sadly, thanks COVID) like a Facebook page, Reddit threads etc. We’ll let you know once we’ve got these set up, it’s the next thing on my mile long TODO list!

Thanks for reading, from Harry and Steve. Founders of The Night Project and developers of Clicker Kings.

Let’s Work Together


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